Steps To Fix Yahoo Attachment Upload and Download Problems

Expressing your messages in your mail box is difficult to make it a clear conversation. It should be expressed clearly so that nobody can get the incorrect meaning of the message. It should be crystal clear to any reader. And to make your email more clear you can attach an attachment in your email account.

Yahoo account gives you the choice for attaching the complete files and thus it can be delivered anywhere in the world. An ‘attachment’ in your email may include photos, PPT, document, zip files, etc. Apart from this, some online viruses can be sent through an attachment, so it’s necessary for you to have most recent antivirus software on your PC.
But what will you do in case you are facing issue during attaching or downloading a file?

Probable reasons for the issues are:
• May be you are sharing a system file that is not supported by Yahoo account.
• The file may consist of some special characters.
• Attaching a folder to Yahoo email is restricted as it permits attaching files only.
• The attachment size should not be more than 25 MB.
• You may confront an issue in case the file is encrypted. An account does not permit to attach any encrypted files in your email.
• Possibly, the file may consist of a virus and got rejected during virus scanning process.

Directives to troubleshoot the Yahoo email attachment troubles:
There are some definite steps that need to be implemented in case file attachment is not working in your email:

• In case the file is severely infected via a virus, quickly install a trustworthy antivirus and after that scan the file.
Note: It is suggested to keep an anti-virus active on your PC all the times.
• File size can be compressed in case the file size crosses the permitted limit.
• In case your file size has some special characters, you need to rename the file by immediately removing the special characters.

Note: Attaching a folder to Yahoo mail in not acceptable in email, you can create a zip file for the same. After that, you can attach the zip file and thus you can send the complete folder as an attachment.

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